• Stacy
Stacy is a project has been created in 2008 by company Amber Production. The idea of the project to amaze spectators with a pleasant vocal, good music and is final a dazzling smile of the singer! Light blue eyes, and storm of positive emotions which so are necessary to our world! Full of a drive, full of passion and a self-trust. She is ready to win! The new project of company Amber production. Opening for people of different age. The new Music, the New image and a kind smile from singer Stacy Introducing Stacy, a promising new musical discovery of the Finnish production company Amber Production, featuring world-class producers Kim Kuusi, Kari Hynninen, Kare Hellen and others. The Stacy project began in 2008 when the young girl from Riga who had always dreamt of show business, recorded her first original composition. The song was Love in a Letter, and the recording studio was at Amber Music, in Helsinki. Her talent, creative potential and energy caught the Finnish pop producers’ attention. Despite her young age (16), Stacy is already a commanding presence performing on stage, and delights spectators with her superb voice, passionate expressivity and just all-around high-quality music. Her blue eyes and positive radiance enchant audiences of all ages, and her drive, passion and self-confident make it clear to everyone that she is ready to go places. In April 2009, Stacy participated in the New Wave International Song Competition Semifinal in Helsinki. She was a great success with the jury, and was invited to take part in a TV show where she performed with “Booty Boys” - a dance group from Riga. A new CD single by Stacy, and produced by Jaakko Salovaara (of Bofunk MCs) contains the songs Booty Boys (K. Crazy, K. Karlsson, T. Krotkiewski) and When Ever (Olli Saksa, Sanna Saksa, Kristiina Wheeler). These dynamic pop music tracks with powerful electronic sound are on their way to finding their loyal fans in Finand, Latvia and other Baltic States. The producers have done their best with Stacy to ignite a new pop star in the northern skies. A wonderful summer video based on the music track of the Booty Boys will soon be published on music television stations across the Baltic countries and Finland.