• Mia
Mia, who left her old homebase Cologne in mid-2004 to resettle in Berlin, is neither to be confused with the most recent Grime hype from the UK, nor the popular german rock band. In the mid-90’s Mia first takes her place behind the turntables. She gets to minimal techno and the likes in Cologne quite quickly, and develops a great reputation for her emotional, spunky DJ sets inside the local underground, within just a few years.
Also Mia’s passion for making own productions starts to grow at that time, leading to the foundation of her label Sub Static in the year 2000, which she is running together with Falko Brocksieper since. Mia’s early records on Sub Static are characterized by a deep darkness, and that melodic subtleness that’s still to be found in her more recent works. Soon other labels raised their attention for that mystic female techno producer, this way more releases followed on Traum Schallplatten and Trapez, showing Mia’s efforts to archieve more compatibility for the dancefloor, however without dropping her sensibility for drawing wide circles of tension and great atmosphere.
After several remixes for Contriva, The Modernist, Jake Fairley, Basteroid, Skua Lovelle and more, Mia’s debut album «Schwarzweiss» is released on Sub Static in 2004. Here she succeeds to enrich her known style with subtle vocals and edgy acid influences, and to get a first wide coverage within the music press. Further releases and remixes follow, as well as the overdue step to live performance.
In early 2007 Mia’s second album «Bittersuess» (=bittersweet) turns out to be her greatest success up to now. Here she succeeds more than ever to capture dancefloor techno and its congenerics in a sensitive, enchanted way, transporting a magic that is rarely found in most contemporary productions. Since, the result of effort is an even more risen flood of DJ- and live-gigs, where Mia always leaves a lasting impression.
Despite all these activities, she still didn’t miss out on the label work in the last years. Thus Sub Static is currently celebrating its 70th release, and since 2003 there’s also the much-noticed sub label Karloff Rekordings, giving a home to headstong producers and their daring techno ideas.