MEJIBRAY - new project formed by ex-vocalist VanessA Tsuzuku (ex.-Genki)
February 18, 2011 he announced a new solo project.
March 18 for the first time they presented their song at a concert in Takadanobaba Area
June 18 MEJIBRAY formally announced its existence and became the group.
Unfortunately, at the end of September, guitarist Ippu announced his departure from the group
However MEJIBRAY still working.

Members :
Vo. 綴 (Tsuzuku) (ex-DIS—>VANESSA (元規-Genki-) )
Gt. MiA (ex-Valcuria—>フルリレロ (flurrirero) —>○ 2394;るど (marunarudo) —>TOON-FACTORY (夢叶/yuno) )
Ba. 恋一 (Koichi) (ex-マイフレ (maifure) —>ミミック (mimiQ) —>VANESSA)
Dr. メト (Meto)

Ex-members :
Gt. 一風 (Ippu) (ex-Dollis—>VANESSA—>VERSUS (ハルキ-Haruki-) ) [go 1 October 2011]