Gustavo Bravetti

  • Gustavo Bravetti
With a career spanning 18 years, Gustavo Bravetti is one of the great talents in the South American electronic scene.

A pioneer in Uruguay, Gustavo started producing in the early 90s while developing his skills as a DJ and a live music performer.

«After having numerous tracks released by local labels, in 2004 «Native Soul» was chosen to star on the acclaimed album «Pacha Ibiza 2004» by Renaissance Records (UK). From there on, Gustavo’s works became known worldwide. Since then, Gustavo’s tracks have been released around the world by some of the bests labels such as Massive Drive (Germany), PinkStar (Switzerland), Mid-Town (Netherlands), Wasted (Netherlands), S2 Records (Switzerland) and Juicy Music (USA).

In 2008, Gustavo’s minimal remix of «Greece 2000» was chosen by Mid-Town Records as the main track out of 3 remixes released on the 10 year commemorative album. «Greece 2000» is one of the most important songs in electronic music history.

Gustavo is a natural autodidact. He builds his own software for music production and live performance. Internationally recognized for his talents in developing software, hardware and the interaction between them, Gustavo is the creator of ‘i-producer’ - tutorial videos where he demonstrates advanced production techniques using Ableton Live. Gustavo is also the creator of «Push & Pull» - a software tool that helps to sync Ableton with vinyl.

In July 2008, Gustavo was invited by one of world leaders in the realm of synthesizers, Native Instruments, to be one of their official sound designers.

Alternative Controllers:

Innovative but accessible. Conceptual but groovy - Alternative Controllers by Gustavo Bravetti is a unique experience.

Throw away your preconceptions of what you think a DJ does. Gustavo has many tricks up his proverbial sleeve, including multi pad surfaces, wireless sensors, VR gloves and LEDs to create a visual performance that complements and accentuates the music. Gustavo’s performances are a multi-sensory feast for the ears and eyes of the hungry.

Gustavo’s multi pad surfaces (electronic drums) are one of the most impressive parts of his live show. He uses the drums to play the percussion and melody parts of original compositions and classic electronic songs using all kinds of sounds from natural to electronic.

All these interactions are made live based on interactions with the crowd, thus ensuring that his live shows are always unique. His mix of styles (Minimal, Techno, TechHouse and Progressive House), the quality of his productions and the use of alternative controllers, make Gustavo’s live music performance a spectacular show to be enjoyed by al