• Faydee
Faydee is an electrifying singer, songwriter, producer and performer hailing from Sydney, Australia. His current single, the summer anthem Say My Name, has taken commercial radio by storm and generated a significant buzz for himself both online and throughout the public.

As an independent artist, Faydee is truly in a league of his own, having garnered the adoration of thousands of fans over the span of his career. Faydee has relentlessly released one hit song after another, and as a result, he has performed at the majority of premiere venues in Australia and made himself an internet sensation along the way.

2011 has seen Faydee release his biggest single to date, the club electro-pop smash Psycho. The single was on heavy commercial radio rotation on stations such as The Edge 96.1, and became his first single to be released internationally, in countries like The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The single caught the attention of the entertainment industry’s elite - labels and artists alike - including Sony Music Australia, EMI Music Australia, Capitol Prophet Records, and even fellow pop artists including Jay Sean and Stan Walker.

Faydee has expanded his repertoire as a songwriter recently too. Over the past few months alone, he has written Forever (I’m Yours) for Stan Walker and Runaway for Massari along with several more yet to be released high profile and major label projects.

Rest assured, the future is bright for this shining ray of light in an industry where individuality is so rare. Faydee has some of the most loving and loyal fans out of any independent artist, and a buzz which can not be argued with. As 2012 begins, the world will be sure to see Faydee’s career reach new heights.