Colette Carr

Colette Carr
Hip Hop/ Rap

Родной город:
Malibu, CA

Студии записи:
Ncredible Cherrytree Interscope

About Colette Carr:

Driving west towards Malibu, in (yes) traffic. Hey this is L.A. this is where I grew
up so this is what I know. Red lights and accidents but then again nothing’s ever really an accident. That’s how I fell into this game, literally, jumped on stage at
The Game concert and since then I’ve been doing my thing. Never trying to be anything I’m not, just having a good time living up the lifestyle I was given. Driven and persistent, I never take a second for granted. Every minute counts and every moment matters so Cheers! drinks up- lets go get plastered. No I’m just playin’ of course, I don’t drink! I’m only 18 (psyche!) I love you. I love Pac, I love Biggie, Game, Wu tang, Dre, Snoop, Nas, Eminem, (lets switch it up) Suzanne Vega, Talking Heads, Michelle Branch, Britney (like OMG) Deep Forest, Baris Mancho, SOAD… Enough about them, lets talk about Colette. Yea she’s aight I guess. How about you check her out and let me know whatchya think.
Пьеха Стас, Стивен Кинг, Светлана Владимирская, Фёдор Чистяков, Эрика, Danny Worsnop, Micky Yoochun, Чайф, Tom Kaulitz, Алена Роксис, МС СТ, Говард Лавкрафт, Dolphin, Birds of Prey, Андрей Лобжанидзе