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Carly Comando is a 24 year-old musician who you may know as the brilliant pianist behind photographer Noah Kalina’s «Everyday» project, one of the most well-known YouTube uploads of all time. Carly is also part of Slingshot Dakota, an up-and-coming NYC band. Behance caught up with Carly to discuss creative professional frustrations, conventional wisdom, and «the gift (and curse) of a perfect pitch.»

Carly’s journey started with pure passion. «Music has always been a part of my life, from as soon as I was big enough to sit at a piano. I learned the piano by playing along with my parents’ music, which was usually the Les Miserables soundtrack, and eventually became classically trained. Although I attended lessons every week, I had the gift (and curse) of perfect pitch, which made reading music more difficult than memorizing what my teacher played.» Upon entering college at Fordham University, Carly majored in music theory and history, and made the decision to pursue music professionally.

Carly reports that the greatest frustration she faces as a creative professional is that sinking feeling «when ideas that I think are awesome turn out not-so awesome when they are applied.» She goes on to explain that «it’s heartbreaking to realize that a song I originally thought in my head sounded great doesn’t work when played out loud, or with my drummer.» She suggests that the best way to deal with this is to vent to one’s inner circle of friends, «take a deep breath,» and don’t rush things. «A glass of wine always helps too!»

Carly has defied the conventional wisdom that you have to be able to read music and be truly trained to be a successful musician. She explains, «I have had professors that go only by the book, and I tried to learn that book of theory in college. I was taught that practice, knowledge of traditional music theories and history were the only route to success. Only I found it more fun to do things my way, and I like to think that I have had a successful start!